With the beginning of the new year, entrepreneurs who have investments abroad must inform the public administration of these assets. Declarations of investments abroad are reported by filing the D6 Form with the Foreign Investment Register (Registro de Inversiones Extranjeras) before January 31st of the following year. This is a simple process that can be done electronically.

In the following sections we will explain what this document consists of and how to file it.

What does the D6 Form consist of?

The D6 declaration model is an annual report that must be submitted in order to declare the financial assets listed on stock exchanges or markets of Spanish investors abroad.

What is D6 Form used for?

The D6 Form is used so that the Government, specifically the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, is informed about all Spanish assets registered abroad.

Who is the Form D6 for?

It is mandatory for any investor, whether a large company for tax purposes or an SME, who possesses up until the 31st of December securities which are reserved by a company or entity resident abroad. This process is referred to as a “deposit declaration.”

When does the D6 Form have to be filed?

The deadline for filing out the D6 Form is the 31st of January next year, and it must be submitted within one month of the transaction taking place.

What happens if I do not file the D6 Form?

In the event that the D6 Form is not filed, the administration will impose a penalty.
The penalties for not filing the D6 Form declaration are 25% of the amount not declared, the minimum fine being €3,000.

However, if the D6 Form is filed but after the stipulated deadline, the penalty ranges from €300 to €600, which will vary depending on the how long the delay was.

How is the D6 Form filed and what documentation is required?

The declaration of deposit is carried out at the Directorate General for International Trade and Investments, which is managed by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

There are two ways to file the D6 Model:

Online: In this case, it is necessary to have an electronic signature. It is done through the Aforix program, which can be installed on any computer.

In person: To submit the D6 Form on paper, you must go to the Ministry of Industry, where they will provide you with the document, or it can be downloaded it and printed out online beforehand. It must then be sent by registered mail to the General Secretariat for International Trade and Investment.

In both cases, a copy of the National Identity Document (DNI) and the statement of investments up to December 31st must be provided.

If you have any questions about the D6 Model, please contact GyV Asesores.