We draw up, prepare, and manage all the taxes that need to be settled during the year, both quarterly and annual: forms 303, 115, 111, 130, 123, 123, 390, 100, 200, 190, 180, 193, etc.

We draw up all the ledgers required by tax regulations: income ledger, expense ledger, ledger of invoices issued, invoices received, and investment goods.

We manage the 060 electronic notifications that you receive in your e-mail authorised for Social Security notifications.

We take care of everything related to company taxation: attending to requirements, tax inspections, processing of deferrals, management of penalties, as well as drafting appeals to the Administration.

We carry out all kinds of formalities with other tax bodies: Andalusian Regional Government, Town Councils, etc.

Remember that you have at your disposal a personal advisor who is in charge of resolving any doubts or concerns that may arise in the development and operation of your company.

Our accounting programmes and computer solutions allow you to consult all the accounting information and communicate with us in a clear and simple way to achieve optimal management of the accounts.

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