In a previous blog post, we discussed the concept of replacing holidays through a contract. In today’s article, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of “triennia” and how they are calculated.

A “triennium” refers to a salary supplement offered by organizations to their senior employees. Specifically, every three years, employees receive an additional amount of money in addition to their regular salary.

However, it is important to note that not all workers are eligible for this supplement. The three-year bonus is typically provided to civil servants in public positions and employees of select private companies.

The primary purpose of this salary supplement is to reward workers for their tenure and achievements in their respective roles. The specific details of the three-year bonus are outlined in the relevant labor agreements for each worker. In the case of public administration positions, the Basic Statute of the Public Employee governs the rules and regulations.

Many workers are often unaware of this bonus, which is why, at GyV, we aim to address the most common questions related to this subject. Let’s delve into them now:

How and when can you request a three-year period?

Once you understand what the three-year bonus entails, you might wonder about the process for requesting it. However, it’s important to note that in most cases, you don’t need to submit a formal request. The bonus is automatically applied to your salary once the three-year period has passed.

Which employees are entitled to the three-year bonus?

It’s crucial to understand that the three-year period applies not only to employees with permanent contracts but also to those with temporary or interim contracts.

How much is received for each three-year period?

Generally, the amount received for each three-year period is calculated based on 5% of the salary.

When is the three-year bonus paid?

As mentioned earlier, this salary supplement is paid for every three years of service. It is disbursed from the last day of the third year and will be included in the following month’s salary.

What is the maximum number of three-year bonuses?

The three-year bonus is cumulative for each three-year period that has passed since you started working. Therefore, you will receive as many three-year bonuses as the number of three-year periods you have completed.

How much money do the three-year bonuses usually amount to?

The amount typically ranges from approximately €200 to €600, depending on the position held by the employee.

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